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7. PCSX2 is the plugin base for the PCSX2. Pack it, run it, break it, fix it, or just use it.Site Mobile Navigation U.S. Says It Took Addict ‘Off the Streets’ City prosecutors in Los Angeles on Wednesday filed charges against a 13-year-old boy accused of murder for allegedly sending a bullet through the window of a car. The boy, who has been detained since he was arrested nearly three months ago on charges of shooting a gun outside a playground in Altadena, Calif., has confessed to investigators that he is an addict, according to the authorities. The boy’s name is being withheld because of his age. On April 7, a gunman fired at the car, which was occupied by a woman and her 11-year-old son. After the boy allegedly shot at the car, prosecutors said he ran to a nearby house and hid the gun inside a blue garbage can. The woman’s son was not injured in the shooting. The boy was arrested the next day. “This is an instance where we got a very good piece of evidence, and that’s the confession of the suspect,” said Norman Kramer, the lead prosecutor in the case. “We’re now going to be able to bring these facts to a criminal court.” The shooting set off an uproar in Altadena and nearby Pasadena, where the woman and the boy live. Some residents said they were relieved that the boy had been arrested and that he would face charges. “I’m glad the kid has got some justice,” said Carolyn Gay, who lives near the scene of the shooting. Others were upset about the delay in arresting the suspect and his subsequent decision to confess. “I think the kid was given far too much information,” said Carolyn Ryan, a community activist. “If you’re going to get charged for what you did, you should get charged for what you did.” The woman and her son fled to a police station, where they told the story of the shooting to an officer. After the boy confessed to the crime, the woman said, the boy told her, “I shot at your car.” “We are outraged that a 13-year-old



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Gsdx11pluginforpcsx2download ivalwany

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